jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Photo Sesion with Amia Yuri

Well ^^, finally I had time to spend with this little princess and to give her a beautiful room to take some photos.

This little girl who´s name is Yuri, came out in march of this year with a regular price of ¥11150,I think is a bit to much XD but she deserves it <3.

I love the desing of yuri she is so cute , her dress and her red and white crown fits perfectly with the set ,it remembers me the queen of hearts of Alice in wonderland,the paintjob is great and the sculpture is wonderful but we can see some imperfections in her hair or in the crown maybe if the company was other the result of the final product would be much better.

She comes with a large white staff ,a big red sofa and a little black cat ... yeah, the white one comes with a magazine ... but well if you want to have the figure "complete" is the only option you have.

It comes with a beautiful calendar too with some cute pics of yuri and the cats created by tsubasu izumi.


Some photos of the room and Yuri,I tried to represent the original ilustration

Some close up photos

I love her crown

I normally prefer figures with small breast but well her is an exception

love her purple eyes and her expresion

The cute crown

The cats

And finally the box

my room after the review XD

The calendar

If you love her desing ,buy it ,maybe she has some little imperfections but there are few figures like her.

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