lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Photo Sesion with Nymph Kotobukiya

Hello to all ^^, I´m here again with another cute figure this time is Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono,Kotobukiya released this angelical figure in July 2011 with a price of 7,600 yens.

The reason why I bought this figure is because her blue hair ^^, I love figures with cyan blue hair and the twintails are a plus <3.I think Kotobukiya did a good job with this Nymph all we know that Koto is capable of the best and the worst but in this ocasion we got lucky .

In this row of photos we can see a genereal view of the figure with her dress put on,I cannot see big flaws in the painting maybe some little errors ,wich you have to see close,like another good quality figure and the sculpt is perfect <3,the pose of Nymph is so cute.

Nymph comes with a removable white dress composed with shoulders and a large cape divided in strips,a necklacke and her wings.

Her semi translucent blue wings are great ,you have to atach them into her shoulder,they fit very easy.

Now we have our Nymph without her dress,I think she looks cuter this way <3,you only have to pull of her head and remove the dress is a peace of cake,without her dress we can see now her shoulders and take a look at her back.

A close up of her wings.

In this pics we can see how she is trying to cover her low parts XD.

Her cute face with an adorable expresion I love her flushed cheeks.

And in this one, it was a try to take her outside >.<,I took the photo in front of my window with a table and a pile of books to put her in a high place, I didn´t wanted to see any building in the photo.

And finally the box,I have to say that she comes with a little green pillow to put her on it.

In conclusion if you love the character this is a good choice,I like this one more than the plum version.

This review is dedicated to a friend who loves Nymph ^^.


martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Portugal trip

Some photos with Miku during my trip in Portugal.



Leiria´s Castel




lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Photo Sesion with Taiga and her rubber ring

Some photos I took this weekend at the beach of Poo in Llanes ,Asturias.The beach is like a big swimming pool when the tide is rising ^^.


Some close up photos

The beach

Regards ^^.