martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Mini Sculpey tutorial

Here I go with a little tutorial of how to use the putty Sculpey.

Sculpey works like modeling clay, is some harder and in the case of Super Sculpey is semi-translucent flesh-colored.

There are several types of Sculpey but I recommend to start with the super sculpey which dont cost too much,the basic box of 450 gr cost around 12 euros.


-To model we use basically the hands but it is recomendable to have tools for certain details : A scalpel or a cutter (to remove leftover parts, details like the fringe of thehair), blades (to smooth out some areas), a punch (for making holes) and so on. Can be found at any craft store.

Where to start:

-First do a little sketch on a piece of paper of the figure you want to create.

-If it is a large figure is advisable to build a wire skeleton, you can cover it with foil to give the basic shapes to the figure.

-In the case of a small figure there is no need to use it.

-Once we are clear about what we gonna do, we will begin to shape the putty.


-Start with the head, once made you can make the body in proportion.

-Do it little by little, when you have a finished part, bake it ,you cand add more details later if you want.

-Before baking the pieces make sure you straighten them as much as possible, you can use johnson baby oil with a brush to correct those areas that have imperfections.

-You can use the oil with a little putty to joint parts that you have already baked.


-For baking you have to have a home oven, fireplace and microwave are not valid.

-You can bake the figure as many times as you wish.

-I put the oven at 100-110 degrees for 10-20 min.

-When finished leave it half an hour, open the oven and if you see that is still hot let it cool.

Finishing touches:

-Now you just need to paint it but you can sand it with some soft sandpaper to remove any irregularity that you have passed.

Now you will have a new unique figure in your collection ^^, congratulations.

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