viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Hoshino Ruri GK from Nadesico

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Well ,finally Ruri has arrived at home ^^ and she is so cute ,I have been waiting three moths for her and now what can I said she is so tiny and so adorable :) .

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I have been searching figures from Nadesico but most of them are GK except a few ones released by Kotobukiya and the cold cast figures by Musashiya but the problem is that I don´t like the Ruri from the film " prince of darknes" too much :/,they killed her cuteness with this movie :(,fortunately I found this lovely GK and a group of people painted it for me ^^.

Some photos of the figure using a tray for the background and a book for the base:



This is all for now ^^ see you in the next post :P.

Nadesico´s Op:

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